Panel frames

We have various panel frames. Our Panel Hanging and L-shape can be used to hang panel material, like Dibond, whereby the frame of the Panel Hanging is not visible, but with the L-shape, it serves as a frame.
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Panel Hanging

With the Panel Hanging 18, also known as a blind suspension system, you mount panels with a smooth surface to the wall. Because the frame is not visible, the print seems to float, and this way, you create a 3D effect. This popular profile has a depth of 18 mm. Simply mount the profile on the panel with double-sided tape.


Use this frame to add the finishing touch to the panel fabric. The print is placed within the aluminium frame. The small space between the frame and the print gives a spacious feeling, and the simple contemporary design makes the print stand out. The L-shape is available in 17.8 mm and 30 mm depth. The panel can be mounted in the frame by using double-sided tape.

In every desired colour

The L-shape 30 mm comes standard in silver and black, and the L-shape 17.8 mm and Panel Hanging 18 in silver. Do you prefer a different colour? Please enter your desired RAL colour code, and we will powder-coat the profile in the colour of your choice.