We have baseplates available in different types, thicknesses, and sizes. The base plate ensures that the aluminium frame can be positioned and moved in a stable, sturdy, and freestanding manner. Our baseplates can easily be secured under a frame with the included fixing set.
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Baseplate on wheels

A baseplate on wheels is suitable as freestanding and for moving textile frames. The wheels are fitted with a clamp that works as a brake system. Once clamped, the frame will stay in position.

Baseplate side

Baseplates side have been specially designed to ensure a very stable positioning of large aluminium frames. This frame is more stable than a standard base place, as it is attached at two points; at the bottom and the side. A standard baseplate is only attached at the bottom.

Half baseplates for a tight fit against the wall

In addition to the standard baseplates, we also have half baseplates that are ideal for trade fairs. Prevent unnecessary wasted space by placing the illuminated or unlit frame against a wall or in an exhibition stand. This baseplate is half the size of the standard baseplate. Keep in mind that this makes the frame a little less sturdy, so we recommend securing large-format frames to the ceiling.

Available in three colours

Our baseplates are made out of steel or aluminium and come standard in silver, white and black. It is also possible to powder coat the baseplates by entering your desired RAL colour code. This way, you can match the baseplate to your chosen profile.