Improve acoustics and reduce echoes in any environment with Basotect®. The material is available with a thickness of 45 mm. Place the soundproof material in a wall-mounted, free-standing or suspended frame.
Improve the acoustics in a space
High absorption value
Fits perfectly
Lightweight and rigid

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Lightweight and rigid

Basotect® is a versatile and high-quality melamine resin foam. The material is lightweight, and because of its rigidity, it is very dimensionally stable. Basotect® is applicable on the Double 49, Double 50, Single 50, Double 80 and Double 100 profiles. Basotect® has a B1 fire class, meaning that it is flame-retardant. The acoustic material improves the acoustics in, for example, restaurants, reception areas, meeting rooms and offices.

Fits perfectly

Basotect® can be supplied with a milled U or L-shape. This way, the fabric fits perfectly into the frame and stays in place. The L-shape is suitable for wall mounting and the U-shape for freestanding and suspended usege. If desired, the acoustic material can be supplied without finishing.

Item number FK-8950
Acoustic material Made of melamine foam.
Thickness material 45 mm
Recyclable No
Fire class B1