Slim 25

The Slim 25 is a cost-effective and sturdy single-sided profile. The profile is also available pre-drilled, with holes every 40 cm, making it possible to attach it directly to the wall.
Sturdy profile
Two mounting options
Three standard colours
Option: frame with punch holes

black (RAL9005)
white (RAL9016)

Available from stock
Hoofdafbeelding Slim 25

Assemble frame

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Mounting options

To ensure the stability of large-format frames, stabilizers are mounted in frames higher than 1.8 metres, which act as internal support beams. The frame can be mounted in two ways:

  1. The frame can be attached, depending on its size, by screwing it to the wall approximately every 100 cm.
  2. The frame can be attached to the wall by using wallmounts that have levelling screws. This makes it easy to level the frame.

Acoustic solutions

Improve acoustics and reduce echoes in any environment by using acoustic material in the frame. The Slim 25 is suitable in combination Therm Acoustic 25 mm. Therm Acoustic is 100 percent recyclable and made of polyester fibres, of which 60 percent consist of recycled PET bottles. 

In every desired colour

The Slim 25 comes standard in silver, white and black. Do you prefer a different colour? Enter your desired RAL colour code, and we will powder-coat the profile in the colour of your choice

Alternative: Heavy 27

The Slim 25 looks almost the same as the Heavy 27, but the profile is slightly less sturdy. If you want a format larger than 1800 x 1800 mm and stabilizers are required, the price difference is minimal, and we recommend to opt for the Heavy 27.

Item number NF-04250 (silver), NF-21250 (black), NF-56250 (white), NF-04250PH (pre-drilled, silver), NF-21250PH (pre-drilled, black (RAL9005)) and NF-56250PH (pre-drilled, white (RAL9016))
Depth (mm) 25 mm
Frame type Single-sided textile frame
Mounting Wall-mounted
Colours Silver, black (RAL9005), white (RAL9016) and RAL colour of your choice
Pre-drilled Yes, in silver, black (RAL9005) and white (RAL9016)
Diameter punch holes 5 mm
Open / closed finish Closed
Weight 0.476 kilos/metre
Stabilizers possible Yes
Bar length 6150 mm
Acoustic material Therm Acoustic 25 mm
Article numbers
silver (NF-04250)
€ 0,00 In stock
black (NF-21250)
€ 0,00 In stock
white (NF-56250)
€ 0,00 In stock
pre-drilled, silver (NF-04250PH)
€ 0,00 In stock
pre-drilled, black (RAL9005) (NF-21250PH)
€ 0,00 In stock
pre-drilled, white (RAL9016) (NF-56250PH)
€ 0,00 In stock