Extension set aluminium keeper

An extension set, also called a connector set, is used with large-format aluminium frames so that the frames can be packaged compactly and transported economically. The extension set aluminium keeper consists of one thick part, giving the frame more rigidity than with a standard extension set. Therefore, this extension set is also highly suitable for free-standing and suspended applications.
For large-format frames
Extremely sturdy extension set
Suitable for numerous profiles
Attachment directly into the aluminium


Available from stock
Hoofdafbeelding Extension set aluminium keeper

Assemble frame

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Easy assembly

The extension set aluminium keeper, also called a connector set, includes one plate with screws and an Allen key. Slide the plate into the designated track and slide the loose parts of the profile together. After the loose parts have been pushed together, tighten the screws with the Allen key provided. As the hex screw is screwed directly into the profile, it may slightly damage the inside of the frame.

Alternative: extension set heavy

Prefer not to attach it directly to the frame? Then choose the extension set heavy. This set comes with an extra part, namely a blind plate. This can be attached to the other plate to form a complete and sturdy set.

Item number FK-0532
Suitable profiles Heavy 27, Single 50, Decor 27 XL 45, Double 44, Double 49, Double 50, Double 80, Outdoor 90, Lightbox 60, Lightbox 90, Lightbox 120 and Carre 80
Colours Silver
Weight 230 grams
Material Steel
Quantity in set Two pieces
Allen key included Yes