Textile frames and LED frames have various accessories to complete the frame. From baseplates and locksets to desk clamps and wall mounts.
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Mounting options

Wall profiles can be mounted either directly or through wall mounts. Freestanding profiles can be provided with baseplates and ceiling mounting can be done using ceiling mounts. There are different variants available for each type.

Extension set and locksets

A lockset is needed to connect the corners of a profile, and an extension set is used to connect a frame consisting of several parts. Frames above 4 metres are sectioned so that large-format textile frames can also be shipped compactly. Depending on the carrier you choose, even smaller sectioning may be required.

Rounded corners

Textile frame corners can be very sharp. To prevent this, we recommend using round corner pieces or corner protectors. Rounded corners give the frame a more luxurious look, and it can also be a great way to distinguish your frame from others.