By placing acoustic material in a frame, you improve the acoustics in a room. Annoying sounds such as reverberation, echoes and hollow sounds in a room are muffled, creating a peaceful (working) environment. You can choose from two different acoustic materials, each with its own advantages and properties.
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Basotect® is a versatile and high-quality melamine resin foam. The material is lightweight, and due to its sturdiness, the material retains its shape very well. Basotect can be delivered milled on all sides in a U or L-shape for a seamless attachment. The material has a thickness of 45 mm.

Therm Acoustic

Therm Acoustic consists of polyester fibres, of which 60% comes from recycling (PET bottles). This acoustic material is available in 10 mm thickness for a light absorption value, 25 mm thickness for a good absorption value, and 40 mm thickness for an excellent absorption value. The 10 mm is supplied on a 1.2 m wide roll with a length of your choice and can easily be cut to size using textile scissors. The 25 mm and 40 mm are pre-cut to size.