Wall mounts

Using our wall mounts, also called wall brackets, you can quickly and easily hang a textile frame on the wall. The panel frames can be secured with a Cleathanger.
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Easy mounting with our wall mounts

The frame can be attached to the wall by using wall brackets. Almost all our wall brackets contain a fastening screw. The screw is adjustable in height, making it easy to level the frame. This usually is very difficult with a frame that is attached directly to the wall. By using wall mounts at the top only, you keep some margin. When using top and bottom wall mounts, the frame will not come loose. First, mount the wall mounts on the wall. Then lift the whole textile frame over the wall mounts and let it rest on the brackets in the designated groove.

Cleathanger for panel frames

The Cleathanger is available in three different sizes, namely 20 cm, 50 cm and 120 cm. Mount the Cleathanger on the wall, then hang the panel frame in it. This mounting option is suitable for the Panel Hanging and the L-shape.