Stabilizer 43

To ensure the stability of large-format frames, stabilizers are fitted in the frame to act as reinforcements. The stabilizer 43 is suitable for many of our profiles.
Ensuring frame stability
Available in silver and black
Suitable for numerous profiles
Easy assembly


Available from stock
Hoofdafbeelding Stabilizer 43

Assemble frame

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Reinforces the frame

The recommended number of stabilizers may vary per profile. When you order a frame, the ordering system will indicate how many stabilizers are required.

Easy assembly

Slide the lockset stabilizer into the stabilizer and place the screw through the hole at the top to secure the lockset. Slide the stabilizer into the designated track of the profile with the screw not yet tightened. Then tighten the screw of the lockset with the Allen key provided to mount the stabilizer to the profile.

Item number NF-04438
Depth (mm) 43,8 mm
Suitable profiles Slim 25, Heavy 27, Decor 27 XL 45, Double 44, Double 49, Double 50, Double 80, Double 100, Outdoor 90, Lightbox 90, Lightbox 120, Lightbox Double 100, Lightbox Double 120, Lightbox Double 160, Lightbox Double 200, Carre 80 and Carre 160
Colours Silver and RAL colour of your choice
Weight 0.425 kilos/metre
Bar length 6150 mm
Material Aluminium