Lockset mini stabilizer

Use the lockset mini stabilizer to mount a mini stabilizer in the frame. To ensure the stability of standard to large-format frames, stabilizers are placed in the frame serving as internal support beams. Mini stabilizers are mainly used in LED frames with LED technology, LED on stabilizer.
Mounting a mini stabilizer in the frame
Mostly used in LED on stabilizer frames
Ensuring frame stability
Allen key included


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Hoofdafbeelding Lockset mini stabilizer

Assemble frame

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Suitable for LED on stabilizer frames

For LED frames where the LED technology, LED on stabilizer, is applied, a narrower stabilizer is needed to prevent a shadow. When using the normal stabilizer, a shadow may appear.

Easy assembly

Slide the lockset mini stabilizer into the mini stabilizer and place the screw through the hole at the top to secure the lockset. Slide the mini stabilizer into the designated track of the profile with the screw not yet tightened. Then tighten the screw of the lockset with the Allen key provided to mount the stabilizer to the profile.

Item number FK-0220S
Suitable profiles Lightbox 120, Lightbox Double 120, Lightbox Double 160 and Lightbox Double 200
Colours Silver
Weight 23 grams
Material Steel
Quantity in set Two pieces
Allen key included Yes