LED frames

A LED frame is a textile frame fitted with LED lighting. A LED frame adds dimension and atmosphere to a room and gives it a contemporary look. LED frames ensure that your message is clearly visible, both during daytime and in the dark. Our single-sided LED frames are suitable for wall mounting and, in some cases, also for ceiling illumination. Our double-sided LED frames are suitable for freestanding and wall-mounted use. Due to the development of various LED technologies, our lightboxes come in any desired size.
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LED technologies

We have various LED technologies available, so there is always a LED frame that fits your needs. With edge-lit, the textile print is illuminated from the edge of the profile using power LED, which ensures good light distribution. Edge-lit cannot be dimmed. With LED on Dibond, the textile print is illuminated from the back with LED pre-mounted on a Dibond plate. Wide-angle lenses produce an even light distribution. LED on stabilizer is recommended for extremely large formats to ensure even light distribution with sufficient power. It illuminates the textile print from the back with LED mounted on stabilizers. LED on Dibond and LED on Stabilizer can both be dimmed.

Dimmable LED frames

Our LED frames have a high-quality light distribution. You can choose from several light intensities or adjust these light intensities using the optional dimmer. This allows you to set the light intensity yourself so that you can tailor a LED frame to any environment. For example, it may be desirable to display a print with a stronger light intensity during the day than in the evening. Optionally, the LED frame can be made compatible with DALI systems. Create an elegant and contemporary look with a dimmable LED frame.

Easily change prints

The advantage of a LED frame is that the prints can be changed very quickly and easily, thanks to the clever flat silicone strip. New message? New textile print! A big advantage is that you do not need to buy a new LED frame. This allows you to create a new look and feel in no time.

Two-year warranty and CE certificate

All our LED frames are tested in advance and come with a CE certificate. This indicates that the product complies with legal requirements concerning safety, health and the environment, among others. Because all lighted frames are tested beforehand, you are guaranteed a properly functioning frame. All our LED frames come with a two-year warranty on the entire frame.

Available in every colour

Almost all our LED frames come standard in silver, black and white. A different colour is also possible. Please enter your desired RAL colour code, and we will powder-coat the profile in the colour of your choice.