3D textile frames

3D frames are unique compared to standard frames. The possibilities are virtually unlimited. Our 3D frames can be used in two ways: suspended from the ceiling and freestanding. We supply cube-shaped 3D frames and all kinds of rectangular configurations. A 3D frame is a product that will last for years, and because the fabric is easy to replace, a suitable fabric can be fitted into the frame for every occasion.
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Available 3D profiles

We have several 3D profiles available, making various configurations possible. The Cube 65 is a profile suitable for cube frames with a smaller format. The Quatro 50, on the other hand, is a very sturdy profile that can be used for both small and large format cube frames. The Carre 80, in combination with the Double 80 profile, is suitable for L-, U-, and O-formations.

Multiple configurations

You can choose between an L-, U- or O-configuration. The L-shape configuration is a basic setup for freestanding exhibition stands and partitions, while the U-shaped configuration is a more elaborate setup for freestanding exhibition stands and partitions. The O-shaped configuration is a complete stand-alone setup to use as storage space or as a separate meeting room on the exhibition floor. It is also possible to suspend the various formations to create a spectacular banner.

In every desired colour

The Carre 80 comes standard in silver, white and black. The Quatro 50 and Cube 65 come standard in silver. Do you prefer a different colour? Please enter your desired RAL colour code, and we will powder-coat the profile in the colour of your choice.