Lightbox Double 200

This extra sturdy double-sided illuminated profile has been specially designed for illuminating extremely large-format textile prints and is a real all-rounder. Available with side lighting and backlit illumination.
Suitable for extra large formats
LED technology: edge-lit and LED on Stabilizer
Even light distribution
Two-year warranty

black (RAL9005)
white (RAL9016)

Available from stock
Hoofdafbeelding Lightbox Double 200

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Extremely sturdy double-sided LED frame

The Lightbox Double 200 is an extra sturdy LED frame available with all possible LED technologies, namely edge-lit, LED on Dibond and LED on Stabilizer. The profile has a sleek finish. Holes must be drilled into the frame when attached using ceiling mounts or baseplates. This versatile profile is suitable for freestanding and suspended solutions.

Edge-lit (lit from the side)

This Lightbox illuminates textile prints from the side with powerLED that ensures even light distribution. The LED is mounted on the inside of the frame. This LED technology provides a beautiful result up to 3 metres high or wide. It is easy to install and can be transported compactly. With fabrics that have many white/solid-coloured sections, there is a small chance of 'shadow spots'. To prevent this, you can opt for the LED on Stabilizer technology. This technology provides beautiful lighting in all cases.

LED on Dibond (lit from the back) 

The dibond adapter can be used to apply the LED on Dibond technology with this profile. The textile print is illuminated from the back with LED pre-mounted on a dibond plate. Wide-angle lenses create an even light distribution. A unique feature of LED on Dibond is the choice of two light intensities and the possibility to dim the light. Optionally, the LED frame can be made compatible with DALI systems.

LED on Stabilizer (illuminated from the back)

LED on Stabilizer is recommended for extremely large formats to ensure even light distribution with sufficient power. It illuminates the textile print from the back with LED mounted on stabilizers. A unique feature of the LED on Stabilizer is the choice of two light intensities and the possibility to dim the light. Optionally, the LED frame can be made compatible with DALI systems.

Light intensities and dimming

The LED on Stabilizer is available in two different light intensities. The Bright LED with 4,000 lumens per m² provides a bright, even light distribution. The Super Bright LED with 5,950 lumens per m² makes the textile print shine. The intensity of the LED frame is adjustable with a dimmer. This way, the light intensity can be set according to the environment. The LED dimmer is optional.

White fabric or large solid-coloured prints

When using white fabric or large solid-coloured prints, we recommend combining the Super Bright LED light intensity with dimming. This is to prevent the onset of the LEDs from being visible.

In every desired colour

The Lightbox Double 200 comes standard in silver, white and black. Do you prefer a different colour? Please enter your desired RAL colour code, and we will powder-coat the profile in the colour of your choice.

Item number NF-042000 (silver), NF-212000 (black (RAL9005)) and NF-562000 (white (RAL9016))
Depth (mm) 200 mm
Frame type Double-sided LED frames
Mounting Freestanding and attached to the ceiling
Colours Silver, black (RAL9005), white (RAL9016) and RAL colour of your choice
Open / closed finish Closed
Weight 2.873 kilos/metre
LED technology Edge-lit, LED on Dibond and LED on Stabilizer
Brightness Bright Led (4000 lumens per m2) and Super Bright Led (5950 lumens per m2)
Lightcolour 3000K, 4000K and 6500K
Dimmable Dimmable and DALI dimmable
Stabilizers possible Yes
Bar length 6150 mm
CE certification Yes
Warranty period Two years
Article numbers
silver (NF-042000)
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black (RAL9005) (NF-212000)
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white (RAL9016) (NF-562000)
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