As a producer of aluminium frames, we have a responsibility with regard to sustainability. Energy consumption in the manufacturing of aluminium is high. In contrast, the raw material has a very long lifespan. About 75% of the aluminium ever manufactured is still in use. That, in combination with the recycling of the material, makes aluminium a sustainable raw material.

100 percent recyclable aluminium

Our aluminium is 100 percent recyclable. We waste as little aluminium as possible. We collect all aluminium waste pieces and the grit separately during the manufacturing process after having sawed the profiles. In addition, the used aluminium frames can be returned to our company in Drachten for recycling. First, we check whether the frames can be reused for another project. If that is not possible due to size, colour or damage, the frames are recycled and reprocessed into usable aluminium. This way, the raw materials are preserved, and waste is prevented. The fabric is also easy to remove or replace, making the frames reusable. Nowadays, many prints are also recyclable, ensuring that we deliver a completely sustainable product.