Plug-in strip

The plug-in strip can simply be pressed into a textile frame. Also suitable for one side of a textile frame for extra tensioning. The plug-in strip is suitable for almost every profile.
Makes fabric confection unnecessary
Suitable for almost every profile
Extra tensioning of the fabric
Easy assembly

Transparent blue

Available from stock
Hoofdafbeelding Plug-in strip

Easy assemble

The plug-in strip is easy to attach in a textile frame, as the tendon does not have to be sewn to the fabric. Push the plug-in strip into the groove of the textile frame and then press the fabric in with, for example, a spatula. The PVC plug-in strip has a size of 13 x 4 mm and can be ordered per roll of 150 metres.

Item number FK-0780
Suitable profiles Eco 15, Simple 19, Slim 25, Heavy 26 45°, Heavy 27, Single 50, Cabinet 30, Decor 27 XL 45, Double 44, Double 49, Double 50, Double 80, Double 100, Lightbox 60, Lightbox 90, Lightbox 120, Lightbox Double 100, Lightbox Double 100 Dibond, Lightbox Double 120, Lightbox Double 160, Lightbox Double 200, Carre 80, Quatro 50, Cube 65 and Carre 160
Colours Transparent blue
Material PVC
Dimensions 13 x 4 mm
Length of a roll 150 metres