Therm Acoustic

Combine textile frames with Therm Acoustic and easily increase the sound quality in a space. The material is available in three thicknesses, namely 10 mm, 25 mm, and 40 mm.
Recyclable acoustic material
Suitable for every textile frame
Dimensionally stable and elastic
Different thicknesses
Also works as an insulator

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Hoofdafbeelding Therm Acoustic

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Recyclable acoustic material

Therm Acoustic is 100 percent recyclable and made of polyester fibres, whereas 60 percent of which is recycled (PET bottles). The material has a B1 fire class, meaning that it is flame-retardant and difficult to ignite. Improve acoustics and create a comfortable working environment with Therm Acoustic sound-absorbing material.

Different thicknesses

Therm Acoustic is available in 10 mm thickness for a light absorption value, in 25 mm thickness for a good absorption value and 40 mm thickness for an excellent absorption value. The roll with a thickness of 10 mm is 1.2 meters wide and can be supplied in a length of your choice. This roll has a standard length of 50 meters. The material can easily be cut to size with textile scissors. The 25 mm and 40 mm are cut to size. Double-sided tape can be used to attach the material to the surface.

Item number FK-8930 (10 mm), FK-8910 (25 mm) and FK-8920 (40 mm)
Suitable profiles Eco 15, Simple 19, Slim 25, Heavy 26 45°, Heavy 27, Single 50, Cabinet 30, Decor 27 XL 45, Double 44, Double 49, Double 50, Double 80 and Double 100
Acoustic material Made of polyester fibres, 60 percent of which come from recycled PET bottles.
Thickness material 10 mm, 25 mm and 40 mm
Recyclable Yes
Fire class B1
Article numbers
10 mm (FK-8930)
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25 mm (FK-8910)
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40 mm (FK-8920)
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