Carre 80

This 3D profile was designed especially for placing double-sided textile prints in L, U and O configurations. Create eye-catching partitions with the Carre 80 profile.
Various rectangular configurations
For freestanding and suspended use
Seamless connection in the corners
Fabric on both the inside and outside


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Hoofdafbeelding Carre 80

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Freestanding and suspended

You can create striking frames with these modular 3D profiles. The textile print is visible from multiple sides and perfect for both freestanding and suspended use. Additionally, the construction is ideal for creating complete exhibition stands. The profile is suitable for both small and large formats.

Combination with the Double 80

Together with the Double 80, the possibilities are endless. The Carre 80 is used as a vertical corner component, and the Double 80 profile connects to it seamlessly. The outer groove of a Double 80 makes it easy to attach accessories. It can also be combined with a curved Double 80 profile, allowing you to build even more spectacular constructions. By using stabilizers, any size is possible.


The L-shaped formation is a basic configuration for freestanding exhibition stands and partition walls. It is possible to suspend the L-shape to create a spectacular banner. This configuration consists of two double-sided partitions with the Double 80 frame attached to one vertical Carre 80 profile.


The U-shaped formation is a more extensive configuration for exhibition stands, partitions and freestanding use. It is also possible to suspend the U-shape to create a spectacular banner. This configuration consists of three double-sided walls, made with the Double 80 frame attached to two vertical Carre profiles.


The O-shaped formation is a complete freestanding configuration that can be used for example as storage space or to create a separate meeting area on the exhibition floor. It is also possible to suspend the O-shape and create an impressive banner above your exhibition stand. This configuration consists of four double-sided walls, made with the Double 80 frame attached to four vertical Carre profiles.

Seamless connection in the corners

The textile print connects seamlessly to the corners of the configuration for a perfectly sleek design. Fabric can be fitted to both the inside and the outside of the frame, making the frame almost invisible.

Item number NF-04810 & NF-04805
Depth (mm) 80 mm
Frame type 3D textile frame
Mounting Freestanding and attached to the ceiling
Colours Silver, black, white and RAL colour of your choice
Possible configuration L-configuration, U-configuration and O-configuration
Weight 2.206 kilos/metre (Carre 80) 1.337 kilos/metre (Double 80, closed) and 1.332 kilos/metre (Double 80, open)
Stabilizers possible Yes
Bar length 6150 mm