Wall mount 120

You can quickly and easily hang a textile frame level on the wall with the wall mounts. The wall mount 120 is suitable for the Lightbox 120 profile.
Suitable for the Lightbox 120 profile
Levelling made easy
Available in silver
Set of two pieces


Available from stock
Hoofdafbeelding Wall mount 120

Assemble frame

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Extremely easy to mount

The frame can be attached to the wall using wall brackets with an adjustment screw. Because the screw is adjustable in height, you can easily level the frame. This is more difficult with a frame that is directly attached to the wall. By only attaching wall mounts on the top side of the frame, you will have some slack for adjustments. If you use wall mounts on the top and bottom, the frame will not come loose from the wall.

Easy to mount

Attach the wall mounts on the wall first. Then lift the whole textile frame over the wall mounts and rest it on the brackets in the designated track.

Item number FK-0414
Suitable profiles Lightbox 120
Colours Silver
Weight 76 grams
Material Steel
Dimensions 40 x 40 x 25 mm
Quantity in set Two pieces