Double 50

A sturdy, double-sided profile that can be wall-mounted, freestanding, or suspended. This profile is often used in combination with acoustic material.
Sturdy profile
Available with acoustic material
Suitable for large formats
Combine open and closed together

black (RAL9005)
white (RAL9016)

Available from stock
Hoofdafbeelding Double 50

Assemble frame

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Available with acoustic material

This profile can also be used in combination with the acoustic materials Basotect and Therm Acoustic. Basotect is made from melamine foam, is very light and firm and can be easily milled for a seamless attachment. Due to its rigidness, the material retains its shape very well. The material is available in L-shape for wall mounting and U-shape for freestanding and suspended applications. Therm Acoustic (partly recycled polyester fibres, 60 percent PET bottles) is 100 percent recyclable and has a good acoustic value.

Combine open and closed

The outer groove of a Double 50 open makes it easy to attach accessories. The Double 50 is also available with a sleek finish, the Double 50 closed. Open and closed can be combined. The Double 50 comes standard in silver, white and black. Do you prefer a different colour? Please enter your desired RAL colour code, and we will powder-coat the profile in the colour of your choice.

Alternative: Double 80

The Double 50 is safe to use up to a height of 2.3 metres with the freestanding frame and 3 metres with the suspended frame. The width has no restrictions. Do you need a freestanding frame with higher dimensions? Then go for the Double 80 profile that has a thicker and sturdier profile.

Item number NF-04515 (closed, silver), NF-21515 (closed, black (RAL9005)), NF-56515 (closed, white (RAL9016)), NF-04510 (open, silver), NF-21510 (open, black (RAL9005)) and NF-56510 (open, white (RAL9016))
Depth (mm) 50 mm
Frame type Double-sided textile frame
Mounting Wall-mounted, freestanding and attached to the ceiling
Colours Silver, black (RAL9005), white (RAL9016) and RAL colour of your choice
Pre-drilled No
Open / closed finish Open and closed
Weight 1.039 kilos/metre (closed) and 0.987 kilos/metre (open)
Stabilizers possible Yes
Bar length 6150 mm
Acoustic material Therm Acoustic 40 mm and Basotect 45 mm
Article numbers
closed, silver (NF-04515)
€ 0,00 In stock
closed, black (RAL9005) (NF-21515)
€ 0,00 In stock
closed, white (RAL9016) (NF-56515)
€ 0,00 In stock
open, silver (NF-04510)
€ 0,00 In stock
open, black (RAL9005) (NF-21510)
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open, white (RAL9016) (NF-56510)
€ 0,00 In stock