Cube 65

Show the textile prints from all sides with a Cube 65. The profile is lightweight, making it easy to transport. Create an eye-catcher and suspend the Cube 65 from the ceiling or use it as a freestanding frame.
Lightweight cube
Visible from all sides
Suitable for smaller formats
Easy assembly


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Hoofdafbeelding Cube 65

Assemble frame

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Suitable for smaller formats

The Cube 65 can be used as a suspended frame with a maximum size of 2 x 2 x 2 metres. Long rectangular formats are also suitable. Attach stabilizers to the frame for extra support. For smaller formats, the Cube 65 can be used standing upright. The profile comes standard in silver.

Correcting the fabric

The silicone strip of the Cube 65 fits into the profile at a 45-degree angle. Therefore, we recommend a correction of +8 mm on the width and +8 mm on the height of the fabric.

The Cube connector, a plastic corner piece, ensures quick and easy installation. Each cube comes with eight corner pieces . Connect the Cube 65 profiles, without tools, to the corner pieces to create a unique 3D shape.

Alternative: Quatro 50 and Carre 80

For a larger format than 2x2x2 metres or an extra sturdy cube, we recommend the Quatro 50 or Carre 80 profile. The Quatro 50 is a very sturdy profile that you can make as big as you want. One advantage of the Carre 80 is that fabric can be attached to both the inside and the outside of the frame, making the frame almost invisible.

Item number NF-04650 (silver)
Depth (mm) 65 mm
Frame type 3D textile frame
Mounting Freestanding and attached to the ceiling
Colours Silver and RAL colour of your choice
Weight 0.879 kilos/metre
Stabilizers possible Yes
Bar length 6150 mm
Article numbers
silver (NF-04650)
€ 0,00 In stock