About EFKA

When you say EFKA, you immediately think about aluminium profiles for making frames, both lit and unlit and in every shape. The company was established in 1888 as a wholesaler of wooden frames, operating under the name 'Foppe Klijnstra & Son'. In 2009, we started manufacturing aluminium textile frames and lightboxes - both crucial components for many projects.

Aluminium frames are our core business, and we deliver worldwide. We have grown to become the market leader within Europe. We have a vast range of profiles with which we can manufacture frames in which fabric or printed textiles can be fitted.

The specialist in aluminium frames

A leader in the European market
A leader in the European market
Within ten years, we have become European market leader in aluminium frames. As a company, we stand for innovation, quality and service.
Customised solutions
Customised solutions
We can create any type of frame with six double mitre saws, a CNC and a bending machine. In combination with our extensive range of profiles, there is always a suitable solution.
Sizeable inventory
Sizeable inventory
We have more than 350 km of aluminium profiles in our inventory. In combination with a high production capacity, this ensures that we can deliver swiftly.
Worldwide delivery
Worldwide delivery
We deliver our aluminium frames worldwide. With our customer service in three different languages, we can also provide an excellent and accessible service abroad.

What sets us apart?

The strength of our company lies in our sizeable inventory and high service orientation. We have about 350,000 metres of aluminium on stock, which means delivery times are short. With our English and German-speaking customer service, we also provide excellent and accessible service abroad. Our range of profiles has grown enormously over the past years, ensuring suitable profiles for every application.

Swift delivery

We have six double mitre saws in our manufacturing facility, enabling us to produce more than 1,000 frames per day. In combination with our extensive stock of aluminium profiles, this ensures that we can deliver swiftly. Thanks to our extensive distribution network, we have suitable solutions for every shipment, ensuring that your order gets delivered on time and undamaged.

Compact shipping

Your order is packed in ready-to-ship boxes and sealed automatically. Our textile frames are supplied with a QR code with a white-label installation manual so that you or your customer can effortlessly assemble the frame. Loose parts, such as locksets and Allen keys, are placed in a separate box or into the main package. That prevents unnecessary searching.


As a producer of aluminium frames, we have a responsibility with regard to sustainability. Energy consumption in the manufacturing of aluminium is high. In contrast, the raw material has a very long lifespan. About 75 percent of the aluminium ever manufactured is still in use. That, in combination with the recycling of the material, makes aluminium a sustainable raw material. Read more.

Working intensively with our partners

We strive to work intensively with our clients, whom we see as partners. We offer sales tools to make it easier to market products. Think of an extensive image bank, training courses and our website with a product configurator. Our extensive range of profiles provides our partners with excellent service. Our experienced and specialised sales department is happy to help you make the right choice of frame so that you can present the best options to your customer. There is also the option of creating an API link with our website to optimise your order flow.

Ordering made easy

You can order your frames quickly and easily via our webshop. You can order the frame in every desired size and as big as you want. Our frames are already available from one piece onwards. Not sure or need a sparring partner? Our sales team is ready to help you find the right frames!

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