Extension set carre 160

An extension set, also called a connector set, is used with large-format aluminium frames so that the frames can be packaged compactly and transported economically. The extension set carre 160 is suitable for the Carre 160 profile.
For large-format frames
Ensuring compact shipment
Easy assembly
Suitable for the Carre 160 profile


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Hoofdafbeelding Extension set carre 160

Assemble frame

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Ensuring compact shipment

Lengths over 4 metres are often delivered in two or more parts. This is done so that large frames can also be packaged compactly and transported economically. The different parts can easily be assembled with the corresponding extension set.

Easy assembly

The extension set carre 160 is easy to mount. Place the two different loose parts of the extension set on top of each other to form a complete set. Next, place the extension set in the designated track and slide the separate parts of the profile together. Once the individual parts have been pushed together, the screws should be tightened with the Allen key provided.

Item number FK-0540
Suitable profiles Carre 160
Colours Silver
Weight 325 grams
Material Steel
Quantity in set Two pieces
Allen key included Yes