Panel Hanging 18

This aluminium profile is a popular solution for mounting panels without framing so that your print really stands out. The profile is attached to the back of your panel, which is then attached to the wall. It creates the illusion of a floating image.
Suitable for panels
Invisible frame
Easy assembly
Economical solution


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Hoofdafbeelding Panel Hanging 18

Assemble frame

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Invisible frames

Create a dynamic effect with this Panel Hanging system. Due to the fact that the frame is not visible, the print seems to be floating, creating a 3D effect. This is the perfect solution for showing prints in an office, showroom or art gallery. Besides solutions for showing, it is also very suitable for home use, for example, on the wall.

Panels with a smooth surface

The Panel frame, also called a blind suspension system, has a depth of 18 mm. Thanks to the sturdy frame, you can easily attach panels with a smooth surface such as Dibond or Forex to the wall. Please note that the Panel frame is at least 100 mm smaller than the panel on all sides so that it is not visible.

Attached with adhesive tape

You can attach the aluminium profiles to the back of the panel using 3M double-sided tape, which can optionally be ordered. 3M recommends a maximum load of 10 kilos per meter. When applying the 3M tape, keep in mind:

    • The surface must be properly cleaned with alcohol.
    • The tape must be applied correctly (straight, without creases).
    • The best temperature for application is between 21-38 degrees.
    • Below 10 degrees, the tape should not be applied.

Wall mounting

The Panel frame can be attached to the wall in various ways. The most common way is by using the matching Cleathanger. It is also possible to attach the frame using a minimum of two screws.

Item number NF-04183
Depth (mm) 18 mm
Frame type Panel frame
Mounting Wall-mounted
Colours Silver and RAL colour of your choice
Weight 0.357 kilos/metre
Stabilizers possible No
Bar length 6150 mm