Suspension cable

Textile and LED frames are increasingly used suspended from the ceiling. A suspension cable, also known as an adjustable suspension cable, allows you to quickly and easily suspend a textile or LED frame from the ceiling at any desired height. The suspension cable has a length of 4 metres, making it suitable for high ceilings.
For suspended applications
Set of two pieces
TÜV certified
A 4-metre cable

Available from stock
Hoofdafbeelding Suspension cable

Assemble frame

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Suspended applications

By using a suspension cable, a frame can be used as a suspended banner. The suspension cable is TÜV certified, which means that the product meets the correct quality requirements and is safe to use. Create striking suspended banners and displays that look perfect in any showroom or above any exhibition stand.

Easy to mount

The suspension cable is a basic ceiling attachment for suspending a textile or LED frame. Simply slide the supplied hardware into the outer track of the aluminium frame. Then you can attach the cable to the ceiling.

Ideally suited to trade fairs

To engage in conversation with potential customers, it is important that visitors know how to find your exhibition stand. A suspended banner increases the attention value. Suspended banners above an exhibition stand attract attention from a great distance. Increase your communication area without having to rent more space.

Item number FK-7900
Suitable profiles Double 44, Double 49, Double 50, Double 80, Double 100, Lightbox 90, Lightbox 120, Lightbox Double 100, Lightbox Double 120, Lightbox Double 160, Lightbox Double 200, Carre 80, Quatro 50 and Cube 65
Weight 100 grams
Maximum weight Up to 50 kg SWL
Material Steel
Cable length 4 meters
Quantity in set Two pieces
TUV certified Yes