Lockset simple single plate

For the assembly of a textile frame, locksets are included so that you can connect the corners of a profile yourself. The lockset simple single plate is the budget edition of the lockset simple.
Connecting the corners of a frame
Suitable for a selection of wall profiles
Budget edition
Screwdriver required


Available from stock
Hoofdafbeelding Lockset simple single plate

Assemble frame

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Budget edition of the lockset simple

The lockset simple single plate, also called a corner connector set, includes a plate with screws. Slide the plate into the profile to connect two profile parts and create a corner. Tighten the screws using a flat-head screwdriver, which is not included. Because the screws are screwed straight into the profile, it is less sturdy and could slightly damage the inside of the frame.

Alternative: lockset simple

The lockset simple can be used for the Eco 15, Simple 19 and all L-shape profiles. Prefer a more stable connection? Then choose the lockset simple. This set includes an extra component, namely a blind plate. This can be placed on the plate with screws to form a complete and stable set. An additional advantage is that you do not need to screw directly into the frame.

Item number FK-0212
Suitable profiles Eco 15, Simple 19, L-shape 17,8 and L-shape 30
Colours Silver
Weight 71 grams
Material Steel
Quantity in set Four pieces
Allen key included No, screwdriver required.