Single-sided textile frames

Our single-sided textile frames can be attached to the wall or suspended from the ceiling. Attach the frame to the wall with screw fastening or use wallmounts with a levelling screw. The advantage of wallmounts is that you can easily level the frame. Ceiling mounts can be used to suspend a frame from the ceiling.
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Single-sided textile frames in any size

Single-sided textile frames are often used as wall decoration, for example, to provide a home, shop or office with a cosy atmosphere. A single-sided frame provides an extra dimension and can promote sales. The frames are available in every desired size.

Single-sided profiles

The different wall profiles each have their own characteristics, from an inexpensive Eco 15 profile attached directly to the wall to an extra sturdy Heavy 27 profile attached using wallmounts. To simplify installation, some profiles can also be delivered pre-drilled with so-called Punch holes. This makes the pre-drilled frame quicker to install.

Available with acoustic material

Improve acoustics and reduce echoes in any environment by using acoustic material in the frame. The material is easy to place in the textile frame. Annoying sounds such as echoes and hollow sounds in a room are muffled, allowing you to create a peaceful (working) environment.

Change prints easily

An aluminium textile frame offers a decorative and acoustic solution. The textile frame can be fitted with a textile print, making it a real eye-catcher. The advantage of a textile frame is that the prints can be changed quickly and easily due to the smart system with a flat silicone strip without removing the textile frame from the wall. This allows you to create a new look in a room in no time.

Easy assembly

The frames come with a construction drawing so that you or your customer can assemble the frame without any hassle. By simply connecting the corners and placing the textile print in the frame, the desired expression is ready in no time. Loose parts, such as locksets and Allen keys, are placed in a separate box inside the main packaging. This prevents unnecessary searching. The frame's modular properties make compact packaging possible, allowing affordable transport of large formats.

In every desired colour

Almost all our single-sided textile frames come standard in silver, black and white. Do you prefer a different colour? Then enter your desired RAL colour code, and we will powder-coat the profile in the colour of your choice. Frames are available in any size, even from one piece onwards.