Lockset 120 degree

For the assembly of a textile frame, locksets are included so that you can connect the corners of a profile yourself. The lockset 120 degree can be used with the Slim 25. The lockset's angle of 120 degree makes it suitable to create hexagons.
Connecting the corners of a frame
A hexagon as textile frame
Suitable for the Slim 25 profile
Allen key included


Hoofdafbeelding Lockset 120 degree

Create a hexagon with the lockset 120 degree

The lockset 120 degree, also called a corner connector set, includes a plate with screws and an Allen key. Slide the plate into the profile and tighten the screws to connect two profile parts and create a corner.

Item number FK-0062
Suitable profiles Slim 25
Colours Silver
Weight 413 grams
Material Steel
Quantity in set Six pieces
Allen key included Yes