Double-sided textile frames

A double-sided textile frame can be fitted with two textile prints and is available in any format. Thanks to the clever flat silicone strip, the prints are quick and easy to change, so you can create a new look and feel in no time. Our sturdy double-sided textile frames can be used both freestanding and suspended.
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Freestanding or suspended from the ceiling

Create eye-catching displays in shops or unique partitions that look perfect in any office, showroom, or exhibition floor using our baseplates. The baseplate acts as a footrest under the profile. Or create unique suspended banners for in every showroom or above an exhibition stand. You can use suspension eyelets or suspension cables to quickly and easily hang up a double-sided frame.

Open and closed

Almost all freestanding profiles are available in an open and a closed version. The outer groove of the open profile makes it easy to apply accessories to the frame. The closed profiles have a sleek finish. For the best result, combine the open and closed versions with accessories, such as baseplates or ceiling mounts.

Improve the acoustics in a room

Double-sided frames can be combined with acoustic material. This reduces annoying sounds such as echoes and hollow sounds in the room and creates a calm (working) environment. You can choose from two different acoustic materials, each with its own advantages and properties. This way, the frames do not only ensure a pleasant atmosphere but also better acoustics!

Double-sided frame as a partition wall

Do you want to divide a large room into smaller ones? This is possible with our double-sided textile frames. You can create extra space within a room quickly and easily. It is sometimes useful to divide a space into functional areas, such as at a concert or in a library.

Available in every colour

Almost all our double-sided textile frames come standard in silver, black and white. Do you prefer a different colour? Please enter your desired RAL colour code, and we will powder-coat the profile in the colour of your choice.