Curved textile frames

Nowadays, curved textile frames are the frames that can literally and figuratively make the difference. A curved frame adds playfulness, but it can also be used as a sleek eye-catcher. Curved textile frames are very versatile: single and double-sided, lit and unlit and in various shapes. Use curved aluminium frames, for example, to create unique chandeliers, overhead illumination, direction indicators or exhibition stands.
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Single-sided and double-sided

Our curved textile frames are available as single-sided and double-sided, and with various depths. Single-sided profiles are suitable for wall-mounting and, in some cases, also for ceiling illumination. Double-sided profiles are suitable for free-standing and suspended applications. A curved frame distinguishes itself from the standard straight shapes that are often used. Our curved textile frames are suitable for years of intensive use.

Lit and unlit

Besides single- and double-sided, you can also choose between lit and unlit. A lit curved frame ensures that the message is clearly visible, both during daytime and in the dark. We have four unlit and three lit profiles available. The lit variants are tested in advance, come with a CE certificate and have a two-year warranty on the entire frame. This means that you are always assured of a properly functioning frame.

A circle, cylinder and curved

Our advanced rolling mill enables us to bend different shapes, such as a circle, cylinder and curved. All variants can be used for wall-mounting, freestanding or suspended. A circle is an eye-catching and distinctive alternative to a standard textile frame. A curved frame, for example, is ideal as an impressive backdrop at trade fairs. The advantage of a cylinder is that it is visible from all sides.

Easy assembly

Because our bending machine takes laser measurements during the rolling process, it is possible to bend with precision down to the last millimetre. All profiles are checked manually and extensively to ensure that we deliver a high quality product. If the curved frame consists of a single profile, such as circles, the ends are attached using an extension set. With large formats, the frame consists of several parts. In that case, you will receive the accessories (including the extension sets) with the profiles so that you or your customer can easily assemble the frame. You can find the minimum diameter for each profile and shape below:

In every desired colour

Almost all our curved textile frames come standard in silver, black and white. A different colour is also possible. Please enter your desired RAL colour code, and we will powder-coat the profile in the colour of your choice. A curved frame can be supplied even from one piece onwards.