Baseplate side

The baseplate side is designed specifically to hold large aluminium profiles in a very stable position. This baseplate can be mounted on the side of aluminium LED or textile frames with an attachment point on the side by using the attachment set provided. The baseplate side is suitable for almost all double-sided profiles.
Narrow, sturdy side baseplate
Highly stable with large dimensions
Available in three colours
Made of steel

black (RAL9005)
white (RAL9016)

Available from stock
Hoofdafbeelding Baseplate side

Assemble frame

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Available in three colours

The baseplate side is a sturdy, rectangular side baseplate made of steel. The baseplate comes standard in silver, black and white. Because a side baseplate is attached at two points, both at the bottom and the side, this frame stands more securely than a standard baseplate as a standard baseplate is only attached at the bottom.

Free-standing applications

Baseplates come in various thicknesses and sizes. Baseplates ensure that an aluminium frame is stable, secure and free-standing. This makes the frame ideal for use as a banner, media wall, sponsor wall or partition wall.

Easy to mount

Tilt the frame to attach the baseplate. Press the longest base of the fixing set into the track of the profile at the bottom of the side and the smaller base into the track of the profile at the bottom. Attach the side baseplate to this and tighten the screws with the Allen key provided. Now repeat this for the opposite side. The baseplate side can be used with many of our profiles.

Alternative: Baseplate side heavy

The baseplate side heavy is slightly larger and therefore more sturdy than the standard baseplate side. We recommend opting for the baseplate side heavy, particularly with large formats.

Item number FK-0120 (silver), FK-2120 (black (RAL9005)) and FK-5620 (white (RAL9016))
Suitable profiles Double 44, Double 49, Double 50, Double 80, Double 100, Lightbox 90, Lightbox 120, Lightbox Double 100, Carre 80 and Quatro 50
Colours Silver, black (RAL9005), white (RAL9016) and RAL colour of your choice
Weight 1880 grams
Material Steel
Dimensions 450 x 150 x 3 mm
Allen key included Yes
Article numbers
silver (FK-0120)
€ 0,00 In stock
black (RAL9005) (FK-2120)
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white (RAL9016) (FK-5620)
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