LED strips

With our LED strips, there is a distinction between side lighting and backlit lighting. Each LED strip has its own features, such as light colour and light intensity. The LED strips come with a two-year warranty.
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Side lighting, powerLED

The advantage of edge-lit, also called powerLED, is that it has a good price/quality ratio. An edge-lit LED technology frame is economical to transport because it can be packaged compactly. Another advantage of this LED technology is that it has a relatively low power consumption.

Backlit lighting

Backlit lighting is used with LED technologies 'LED on Dibond' and 'LED on stabilizer'. Backlit lighting ensures an even light distribution and is also very suitable for large formats. Each LED strip suitable for backlit lighting has its own features in terms of light colour and brightness. There are two light intensities, Bright LED (FK2C) and Super Bright LED (FK7). The advantage of Super Bright LED is that dimming is a possibility, and it is suitable for ceiling lighting and solid-colour prints. The light colour is available in 3000K, 4000K and 6500K.