Cord 43 (curved)

Using the Cord 43, also known as a 2-channel keder frame, makes it possible to create impressive banners quickly and easily. You only need two aluminium Cord 43 profiles. By adding a curve to the profile, you give it a certain uniqueness. A profile with a rounded shape is instantly noticeable when you suspend it in a room, even if it features a modest print.
Curved Cord 43
Available as a cylinder and curved frame
Easy installation
Easily interchangeable


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Hoofdafbeelding Cord 43 (curved)

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Curved Cord 43 frame

The keder frame is an affordable aluminium profile, which is available as a straight or curved frame. This profile can be provided with a textile fabric with a round silicone strip. The silicone strip is made of flexible PVC to which the fabric is attached. The fabric with the flexible thick silicone strip is placed in the aluminium frame and finished with the supplied endcaps. The profile is often used in exhibition stands for banners at a trade fair, in retail outlets as shop window decoration and in public areas as a poster clamp.

Available as a cylinder and curved

Our advanced rolling machine enables us to bend various shapes. The Cord 43 can be bent into cylinders and curved. The advantage of a cylinder is that it is visible from all sides. A curved frame is ideal as an impressive suspended banner at trade fairs, for example. Both variants have a minimum radius of 350 mm.

Easy assembly

The product is lightweight and easy to assemble. In addition, you can change the advertising message in no time at all. Use the curved Cord 43 as a construction that immediately catches the eye. You choose the size of the profile yourself. The silicone strip should have a minimum thickness of 7 mm and a maximum thickness of 8 mm to be placed in our aluminium keder frame. The keder frame can be suspended with the optional eyelets and cables, which have to be ordered separately.

Item number NF-04434
Depth (mm) 43 mm
Frame type Curved textile frame
Mounting Attached to the ceiling
Colours Silver and RAL colour of your choice
Shapes Curved and cilinder
Weight 0.462 kilos/metre
Stabilizers possible No
Bar length 6150 mm