Types of light

With a LED frame one can choose between side lighting and backlit lighting. With side lighting the frame is illuminated from the side of the frame. This technology is called edge-lit. Backlit lighting is a technology where the LEDs illuminate the print from the back of the frame. This technology is often used to illuminate a print (full-colour, white or plain) in a perfect even way. This technology is possible to produce in 3000K, 4000K or 6500K. In addition, dimming is possible, normal or via DALI. In short: a very versatile LED technology. 

Lit from the side (Edge-lit)

Powerful LEDs ensure that light will shine from the sides. The price-quality ratio with edge-lit is really good. The maximum span of light of two sides is 3000 mm, depending on the type of frame. The illumination is good, but can not be compared to backlit lighting. De use of energy is low. A big pro is that the components of the frame can be shipped in a flat package. A deeper frame ensures a better illumination.

Lit from the back (LED on Dibond and LED on Stabilizer)

Backlit lighting is possible with the LED technology LED on Dibond and LED on Stabilizer. LED on Dibond illuminates the textile print from the back with LEDs pre-installed on a dibond plate. With LED on Stabilizer the textile print will be illuminated from the back with LEDs installed on stabilizers. Colourtemps of 3000, 4000 and 6500 Kelvin are possible and in addition the LEDs can be made (DALI)dimmable. This is a solution for small to mid-sizes frames where high demands are required of the lights and it is almost always a good choice.


With LED on Dibond and LED on Stabilizer one can choose between two types of brightness of LEDs, Bright LED and Super Bright LED. De brightness is expressed in lumens, lumens represents the fierceness of the light in a LED frame. To compare: our Bright LED radiates 7520 lumens per m2 and the Super Bright LED radiates 11000 lumens per m2 in our Lightbox 60. A normal LED lamp (for home use) of 2-4 watt radiates 200-300 lumens.

Bright LED and Super Bright LED

Bright LED is our most chosen brightness and ensures a solid distribution of the lights. This brightness is used a lot in retail and offices. With Bright LED you will obtain attention, but do you really want to shine? Choose Super Bright LED. This is the most distinctive and stunning brightness. This brightness is ideal for exhibitions and in the shopping street. Additionally, Super Bright LED can be used as ceiling illumination. Due to the high ratio of light we advise to always use this type of brightness with a dimmer. Take a look at the comparison below, where you can see a LED frame with Bright LED, Super Bright LED and one which is shut off. 
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