Textile frames for stand construction

It is impossible to imagine the world of stand construction without textile frames; the possibilities are almost endless, from a simple unlit wall frame to a fully lit trade fair stand. A (trade fair) frame is fitted with a textile fabric with a silicone tendon, which is tensioned into the aluminium frame. We are happy to tell you more about the possibilities of textile frames for stand construction.
Do you have an interesting project? We like to think along with you. Together with you we realize the right solution for your customer!

Suspended exhibition banners

Draw people's attention from above the stand with suspended banners. The frame does not take up any space on the exhibition floor, and it ensures that the exhibition stand is visible from a great distance. By illuminating the suspended banners, you will attract maximum attention. A suspended banner can also be assembled like a 3D creation, in any desired configuration and with deviating angles if required. This allows you to adjust it to the size and shape of the exhibition stand. The construction can be attached to a truss system with suspension cables.

Illuminated suspended banners can be created with the Carre 160 profile in combination with the Lightbox Double 160. Unlit banners can be assembled with the Carre 80 profile in combination with the Double 80 profile. A keder frame is an inexpensive alternative for a trade fair banner. Only two aluminium Cord 43 profiles are required, and the endcap ensures that the banner stays in place. This profile can also be designed with a curve.

Freestanding exhibition stands

Thanks to our 3D profiles, it is possible to create an O-shaped stand that can be used freestanding on the exhibition floor. Imagine a storage area, a separate meeting room, exhibition desk or presentation column. It is also possible to install a door, which could be very useful for a storage area. Freestanding units are available in both illuminated and unilluminated versions.

Unlit creations can be constructed using the Carre 80 profile in combination with the Double 80 profile. These profiles also allow for different degrees in each corner, allowing you to customise the freestanding exhibition stand. The Carre 160 can be used in combination with the Lightbox Double 160 profile for illuminated creations.

Ceiling lights and chandeliers

Frames can be bent into different shapes, and these can be mounted on the wall, used freestanding or suspended. All available shapes come in illuminated and unilluminated versions. Would you like (extra) lighting in a unique shape above your stand? Then choose an illuminated circle on the ceiling. This is possible with the Lightbox Double 100 profile.

A cylinder can be used as a unique chandelier or placed freestanding on the exhibition floor. The advantage of a cylinder is that it is visible from all sides. This can be achieved with the Double 44 profile.

Straight and curved exhibition walls

Exhibition walls are one of the most popular parts of an exhibition stand; they give your stand a professional look. You can choose from a straight or a curved wall. A wall is available in any size and can be applied freestanding using baseplates.

The Double 44 profile can be used for a straight or curved exhibition wall. Other unique creations are also possible with the Double 44 profile, because you can combine straight profile pieces with curved profile pieces. For example, you can choose to have one side of the frame curved and keep the other side as a straight wall. This makes it a 3D creation, as it were.

Do you want your exhibition wall to be the main focus point? Then choose an illuminated wall, as these are real eye-catchers. Your customer's print will be optimally enhanced thanks to the lighting. You can use the Lightbox Double 160 profile for this purpose.

Illuminated and unlit wall frames

A wall frame in an exhibition stand is easy and quick to install. You can even choose to make the frame wall-filling. This way, you do not have to cover the wall with different materials. Placing a wall frame is a relatively cheap solution and gives the exhibition stand a great look. The Slim 25 profile can be supplied pre-drilled, and you can screw it to the wall every 40 cm. The Heavy 27 profile is an extra sturdy wall profile and can be attached using wall brackets. Additionally, the Heavy 27 can be shaped into a circle, making it stand out even more.

Would you like to attract even more attention? Then choose an illuminated wall frame; the Lightbox 120 is one of the many suitable profiles for this. You can create an illuminated circle with the Lightbox Double 100 profile.

Pop-up frame

A pop-up frame is lightweight and therefore easy to take along to a trade fair. The frame can be assembled in just five steps without using any tools. The pop-up frame is available in two sizes, namely 100 x 200 cm (silver, black and white) and 100 x 250 cm (silver). You can easily connect several of these pop-up frames.