Led wall


With an LED-lit textile wall, it is possible to add high-quality printed fabrics. These fabrics can be placed in one of our aluminum frames. The prints can be used both at home and in a business environment. These LED illuminated textile walls provide a beautiful ambiance, are durable, are high quality and can be ordered online. Due to the many LED techniques there is a suitable solution for every situation. The LED walls are used single-sided and double-sided. Due to the modular construction, the frame can be used several times.


The LED wall "Pop-up LEDbox" can be mounted without tools in just 5 steps. The installation manual is supplied within the box. The entire light wall can be stored in a portable box or trolley and can easily be moved to the next location. This light wall is perfect during exhibitions or company presentations. Simply change the textile banner, due to the tendon whom is attached to the print. This way you can create a new look in no time.