Improve acoustics


Do you have an open office space where many of your employees work? Where they talk and call all at the same time? Is there a lot of ambient noise and reverberation at the office? Reduce noise in the office and ensure a comfortable work environment with sound-absorbing material: Therm Acoustic. Not only it improves the acoustics, but also the work atmosphere.


Sound reflects off bare, hard surfaces, creating a reverberation in the office or in other spaces. How do you reduce this reverberation without compromising the interior? With our double-sided textile frames and our sound-absorbing material, you will reduce reverberation and noises. It is the solution for noise reduction in offices, other workplaces and meeting rooms. In addition to office space, acoustic panels are also used in call centers, hotels, at museums and receptions.


The acoustic partition walls provide damping of the ambient noise, creating a quiet work environment and pleasant work climate. The acoustic room divider could be placed between individual workstations and desks, in addition to improve acoustic and to provide more privacy. You could choose your own textile print. For example, let employees choose a textile photo for themselves and rotate this every month or on special occasions.


Reduce ambient noise in the office with acoustic panels. Acoustic material in an aluminum profile are ideal to reduce noise and reverberation. Choose your own image or photo and create a pleasant work atmosphere. With the application of acoustic material, Therm Acoustic, in a aluminium profile. Or strengthen your brand and identity easily troughthout visual expressions. The aluminium textile frames could also be used to decorate a bare wall, creating a quiet and pleasant work environment for employees and a atmosphere for all your visitors and guests. Do you want different look? In no time you could change the textile print with another visuel.


Provide a comfortable work environment with our sound-absorbing material: Therm Acoustic and Basotect®. The solution for improving acoustics and reducing reverberation in rooms. With three different types of sound-absorbing material, there is always a suitable solution. Place the absorbing material in the aluminum frame, behind the textile print, and hang the aluminum frame on the wall or ceiling. You could also set the aluminium textile frame on the ground with our baseplates. Would you like more information? Please take a look at our product page.