Often people think that signage is only in traffic. But signposting is so much bigger than traffic signs. Sign are helpful to determine the route during a event or towards a shop or other local store.

Signposting within an organisation, during a trade fair or other event. Nothing is more annoying when prospects or visitors have to search for a long time. Our indoor textile frames could be used as information, parking, name and signage signs. For signs within the organisation or trade fairs we often opt for our double-sided hanging and standing aluminum frames. The Double 44, Double 49, Double 50 and Double 80 are very suitable for this.


These days office buildings are getting bigger. There are often several companies within these buildings. Our double-sided textile frames act as a guide to a company, department or person. If there are changes within an organization, these textile prints can easily be replaced.


When placing indoor signage it is important that it is stable or suspended. The baseplate acts as a footrest, so that it does not fall over. The baseplate could also be provided with wheels, making the frame easy to move. The textile frames are available in various thicknesses. Depending on the chosen frame, we advise which baseplate you should choose. Our ceiling mount is suitable for mounting from the ceiling.