Aluminium frames

Here at EFKA we are specialists when it comes to aluminium frames. A aluminium textile frame is a profile with a groove where the flat silicon tendon of a printed textile fabric can be pressed into, this is also called a tendon fabric.

Sustainable solution

Aluminium frames are a durable solution for making your message visible in a visually attractive way. The tendon fabric is easy to change, allowing you to create a new look in a room in no time. As aluminium is lightweight, an aluminium frame can easily be moved.

Custom solutions

Each textile frame is unique; you decide the size and any extras to the textile frame. The frames are available with and without lighting, as well as in different frame thicknesses and colours. With six double mitre saws, CNC machine, bending machine and our extensive range of aluminium profiles, any type of frame can be realised.

Aluminium frame with a curve 

Our aluminium profiles can be bent into a radius of your choice. This can be done with both an illuminated and an unlit textile frame. They can be used single-sided or double-sided. The aluminium profile can be bent as a circle, cylinder or curved wall. A circle stands out from the standard straight shapes and is more popular than ever. A round textile frame makes a room cosy and atmospheric. A curved textile frame is often used at trade fairs as a back wall or partition wall. A cylinder is ideal if the message needs to be visible from several sides. 

3D frames

3D frames are available in all types of rectangular arrangements or as a cube. This can be in illuminated or unlit versions. With our 3D frames, you can build complete exhibition stands.

Drilling holes in an aluminium profile

We have several wall profiles available pre-drilled as standard, which simplifies the assembly of the aluminium frame. Is your chosen aluminium profile not available pre-drilled as standard? With our CNC machine, we can provide any aluminium profile with drilled holes fully tailored to your preferences. It is even possible to thread the aluminium profile. We can also make slots in the aluminium profile.

Aluminium profile engraving 

To make an aluminium frame stand out even more, it is also possible to have a design engraved into the textile frame. For example, a logo, text or other vector file. Send us a file in DXF, EPS or PDF format.

Aluminium frames with a cut-out 

It is possible to add one or more cut-outs to an aluminium frame. This can be a handy option if, for example, there are obstacles in the way, for example pipes or power sockets. But it can also be applied to fit a television screen in your exhibition wall, for example.

White label product sheet

A white label product sheet is available for every aluminium profile in our range. Here you will find all the specifications of the profile, including the variety of options and accessories available. The product sheets are available in four languages and can be downloaded from the product page of the aluminium profile, under downloads. Use this, for example, as sales support or when making an offer to your customer.


We have a comprehensive catalogue available with all our aluminium profiles and related accessories, including inspiration and explanations. The catalogue is available in three languages as well as in a white-label version. So you can also go through the catalogue together with your customer.

Need more inspiration for your aluminium frame? Then take a look at our inspiration page. Would you like to spar or do you need help with a project, please contact us!

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