We have collected several inspirational projects to show you the many possibilities of our textile frames. We can create any type of frame with six double mitre saws, a CNC and a bending machine. In combination with our extensive range of profiles, there is always a suitable solution. Do you also have a creative idea? We would like to help you realize it!

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LED frames with the Tunable white LED technology

Exhibition developer IRIS Vormgeving has supplied the Van Gogh Museum with dozens of frames with the Tunable white technology. This LED technology allows the museum to adjust the light to fit the painting being shown, making sure it is illuminated perfectly. With each new exhibition, the lighting can be reconfigured to suit the artwork.

Artwork divided into different frames with three levels of depth

The artwork of Art Heroes is divided into five different frames with three levels of depth. The outermost frames have a depth of 27 mm, the next ones 50 mm, and the middle one 100 mm. This creates a kind of skyline effect, with the depth increasing from the outer frames to the middle frame. The centerpiece is further emphasized by the illuminated frame, giving the image even more impact.

Impressive creations

By combining the Double 80 profile with the Carre 80 profile, impressive creations can be made. Brandt & Fernhout used these profiles to create cubes in their client exhibition stand. The advantage of these cubes is that they are visible from all sides and a print can be placed on both the inside and outside of the frame.

Illuminated ceiling frame

Incatro Room Acoustics has realised an illuminated ceiling frame for its customer using the Lightbox 120 profile. This frame serves not only a functional purpose with its lighting, but it also perfectly matches the interior design of the space and completes the overall look. An illuminated ceiling frame provides many possibilities, as the frame can be dimmable, and equipped with different light colours, allowing you to create the perfect atmosphere for any situation.

Textiel frames for an exhibition

America Digitaal Druk supplied beautiful textile frames (straight and curved) for an exhibition at the Dutch National Museum of Antiquities in Leiden. Top quality, super sleek, a fantastic finish, and an eye for detail made this a collaboration worth being proud of!


Gripp Projecten has delivered an illuminated circle to his customer, in which LEDs are mounted on the dibond plate at the back of the circle. Two rows of LEDs have been placed here that shine against the wall. Basically, it is an LED frame that is placed 'backwards’ against the wall. This gives kind of a Ambilight-effect and makes the print stands out even more!

Cylinder with a diameter of 4 meter

Axent Reclame was asked to make the Gardena brand even more visible in his customer's stores. Axent Advertising has offered cylinders (Double 44) with a diameter of 4 meters for this purpose. These are visible from all sides.

Specially curved corners

Project 2000 has delivered a unique custom textile frame to his customer: a Carre 80 profile with specially curved corners.

Custom-made exhibition stand

SixSENSE live communication has realized customization at its best in the Bollegraaf exhibition stand! A unique shape has been created on the ceiling with a curved Double 80 frame in combination with the Carre 80 profile. The advantage of this is that a print can be placed on the outside as well as at the ends of the frame. The backwall is also completely custom-made, in addition to a unique bend, a cutout for the TV and a door have been added.

Slanted LED frames with back lighting

Our customer Gielissen Interiors | Exhibitions | Events has realized a creative exhibition design for Vanderlande. Slanted LED frames with back lighting (for even light distribution) were used to make the booth stand out even more. Due to the modular parts, the frames can be used for various exhibition locations.

Illuminated cube frame

An illuminated cube frame with the Cube 65 profile. By mounting dibond plates with LED strips on them to the stabilizers, the Cube 65 profile can also be produced with illumination. The advantage of a cube is that it is visible from all sides.

Curved textile frame

BS Reclame has delivered a curved Double 44 textile frame for his customer. Curved profiles can be bent in a radius of your choice. So, the textile frame fits perfectly in every room.

Carre 160

CAS Exhibition Partners has delivered a great project for his customer in America with our illuminated 3D profile. The LED frame is no less than 18 x 16 meters wide and 3 meters high. With the LED on Dibond technology, the textile frame is perfectly illuminated.

Connecting the floors in a stairwell

Connecting the floors in a stairwell with the help of illuminated frames? Vizio has realized this for their customer by placing a tree on each floor. On the ground floor, it starts with the roots of the tree. If you walk further up, you climb to the treetop.

Bring the outside world inside

Suit Your Wall has brought the outside world into his customer's apartment by installing a wall frame with an outdoor print in a windowless bathroom. As the print is easy to change, you can realize a new look and feel in no time.

Lightboxes of up to 10x5 metres

Multicopy Assen has realised a beautiful project at Serena's Sensual Living. These are dimmable lightboxes of up to 10x5 metres! The dimmable option makes it possible to display the print with a stronger light intensity during the day than in the evening.

Drilling holes

A number of our profiles for wallmounting are available with punchholes. Is your desired profile not available with punchholes? No problem! With our CNC machine we can drill holes in any profile, according to your own wishes. In addition to drilling holes, we can also make tracks in the frame or screw threads.


Would you like to have a logo, text or other vector file visible on the frame and beautifully done as well? Then you can opt to have this design engraved into the textile frame. All you have to do is supply a file (DXF, EPS or PDF)

Project above the polar circle

Studio Formo has realised a project for a regional school in the town of Savukoski, Finland. Located about 100 km above the polar circle, this area is both their and our highest ever delivered textile frame!

Textile frame with recesses

A LED frame with LED technology LED on Dibond is mounted here. The frame has several recesses, which is very useful if there are obstacles in the way, such as pipes or sockets. Recesses are possible for almost any profile.

Coloured frames

Our profiles are available in three different colours, namely: silver, black and white. However, the demand for other colours is increasing. Any RAL colour is possible. Let the colour of the frame match with the colours of your interior and/or brand!