Exhibition wall

Exhibition wall

An exhibition wall, also known as a presentation wall, is a great way to attract the attention of visitors at a trade fair. We have straight, curved and illuminated exhibition walls. Because the exhibition wall is made of aluminium, the product has a long lifespan and is relatively lightweight. You can equip the presentation wall with a tendon fabric, which can be printed entirely in your customer's house style. You decide the size, frame thickness and colour of your exhibition wall.

Curved exhibition wall

A curved exhibition wall is very suitable for use as an impressive back wall. A curved exhibition wall can also be used as a unique partition wall or banner. We have several aluminium profiles that can be curved, also called a curved wall. You determine the desired radius of the exhibition wall. In addition to a curved wall, we can also make circles and cylinders from our profiles. The curved exhibition wall is easy to assemble and can be provided with a textile print. The frame can be reused for every occasion, as you can easily provide the frame with a new textile print. A curved exhibition wall can be made with the Simple 19, Heavy 27, Double 44, Double 80 and Lightbox 90 profiles.

Illuminated exhibition wall

Would you like an illuminated exhibition wall? That is also possible! Even our curved exhibition walls are available with lighting. The Lightbox 90 profile can be used for this purpose. Good lighting is essential for a beautiful exhibition stand and good exhibition presentation. How nice then that you can incorporate this in your exhibition wall. You decide the desired size of your illuminated exhibition wall.

Professional exhibition walls

Place the exhibition wall freestanding using baseplates. For additional reinforcement, the fair wall can be fastened to the ceiling. The product page of the aluminium profiles shows which baseplates are suitable. We also have half baseplates in our range, which can be very handy when the exhibition wall has to be placed tightly against a wall. This prevents unnecessary waste of space.

Make your exhibition wall unique

To make your customer's exhibition wall stand out, it is possible to have a text, logo or other vector file engraved into the textile frame. You can also give the exhibition frame a colour other than the standard colours silver, black and white. For example, a colour in line with the style of the exhibition stand. Enter your desired RAL colour code and we will powder-coat the exhibition frame in your desired colour. How fun is that?

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