Outdoor 90

The outdoor aluminium profile has been specially designed to easily suspend an advertising message printed on textile fabric outdoors. The outdoor textile frame is a great alternative to the traditional tubular frame. The Outdoor 90 frame is a simple system with a beautiful design.
Suitable for textile fabric
Weatherproof aluminum profile
Easy assembly
Modular construction


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Hoofdafbeelding Outdoor 90

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Suitable for textile fabric with a flat silicone strip

The advantage of the Outdoor 90 profile is that it can be used with a textile fabric with a flat silicone strip, creating a very clean finish. In addition, you can use the fabric across the full space of the frame, which is not the case with the traditional tubular frame. As the frame's attachment is on the inside of the profile, there are no mounting components visible on the outside.

An easy system with a beautiful design

The outdoor profile consists of two profiles, namely: the 'clamping profile' and the 'cover profile'. Springs are attached between the 'clamping profile' and the 'cover profile', making it easy to open and close the cover profile. The cover profile also ensures that the fabric cannot be blown out.

Weatherproof aluminium profile

The almost invisible frame makes the message more noticeable and effective. The aluminium frame is weatherproof, resistant to UV rays, among other things, and not prone to rust. As a result, the frame lasts a very long time and can be used for multiple outdoor campaigns.

Quick and easy assembly

Thanks to the modular construction, the installation of a textile frame is quick and easy. By simply connecting the corners, placing the textile print in the frame, and clamping the frame, the desired design is ready in no time. The modular properties of the frame make compact packing possible and transport with larger formats economical.

Wall mounting using fasteners

To attach the outdoor profile to the wall, you have the possibility to drill through the frame at multiple points in the profile. To ensure the stability of large-format frames, stabilizers are mounted inside the frame that act as internal support beams. To ensure safety in extreme weather conditions, we recommend a maximum format of 15 m².

Item number NF-04668
Depth (mm) 90 mm
Frame type Outdoor textile frame
Mounting Wall-mounted
Colours Silver and RAL colour of your choice
Weight 2.395 kilos/metre
Stabilizers possible Yes
Bar length 6150 mm