Outdoor 40

The Outdoor 40 is a robust and storm-proof outdoor frame. This frame does not require any eyelets, tensioning springs, elastics or rubbers to tension the banner. The banner is tensioned through an internal tilt profile.
The fabric remains beautifully stretched for a long time
Visually appealing
Sturdy and storm-proof
Long service life


Hoofdafbeelding Outdoor 40

For perfectly tensioned banner

The Outdoor 40 frame showcases the print to full effect as the entire frame space can be used for the banner. Which is not the case with the traditional tubular frame. The Outdoor 40 profile has a 40-mm depth.

Quick and easy assembly

The Outdoor 40 frame can be mounted quickly and easily on a flat surface. By simply connecting the corners and placing the textile print in the frame, the desired expression is made in no time. This makes compact packaging possible, allowing affordable transport of large formats. 

Changing the banner easily and quickly

The Outdoor 40 profile requires a non-stretch PVC banner with silicone strip. The banner is tensioned into the frame with an internal tilt profile. The frame has an adjusting screw every 60 cm to tension the banner. After tensioning, the silicone strip is completely locked in place. This simple system allows you to change your sign quickly and easily.

Storm-proof and sturdy system

The banner is completely enclosed after tensioning, making it storm-proof. The Outdoor 40 is designed to withstand winds up to wind force 12. The frame is lightweight, maintenance-free and suitable for years of intensive use. The frame is almost invisible, making your sign stand out more and thus making it more effective.

Suitable for large banner surfaces

The maximum width is 18 metres, consisting of three 6-metre-wide sections that can be linked. Due to a maximum roll width of 5 metres, the maximum height is 497 cm. The frame has a banner tolerance of 3 mm. It is also important that the silicone strip is fastened correctly to be able to tension the banner evenly.

Wall mounting using fasteners

To attach the Outdoor 40 profile to the wall, you have the possibility to drill through the frame at multiple points in the profile. Do you prefer an illuminated outdoor frame? Then choose the Outdoor Lightbox 80.

Item number Outdoor 40
Depth (mm) 40 mm
Frame type Outdoor textile frame
Mounting Wall-mounted
Colours Silver
Open / closed finish Closed
Weight 0,751 kilos/metres