Silicone Edge Graphics


Get the maximum out of your visuals by using silicone edge graphics with LED or non-LED. You could endlessly change a look and feeling with the help of these textile frames. A textile frame is a friendly product for indoor placement. The frame is made of aluminum and is suitable for wall decoration, hanging from the ceiling or to be used as a room divider. The SEG frame could also be used as a standing textile frame or as tensions fabric displays. You could create a sponsor wall or presentation wall in just a few minutes. The textile frames are available in every size. The textile print that is placed in the silicone edge graphic could be replaced quickly and easily, so that it could be used in every situation.


A lightbox gives a space more dimension, more experience, atmosphere and a modern look. Our light boxes are available in any desired size because we have developed a wide range of sustainable LED technologies. The advantage of a lightbox is that some of our variants are dimmable. This allows you to set the strength of the light yourself. The lightbox could also be used as an eye-catcher to increase the attention value on an advertisement or during an exhibition.