Outdoor Lightbox 80 Acrylic

The Outdoor Lightbox 80 Acrylic Profile is an illuminated outdoor frame with an acrylic plate that is backlit using waterproof LEDs (IP67). The single-sided frame is placed flush with the wall and has a 80-mm depth.
Including an opal acrylic plate
Perfectly even illumination
Durable LED lighting
Optional twilight switch
Long service life


Hoofdafbeelding Outdoor Lightbox 80 Acrylic

Perfect illumination of the acrylic plate

The acrylic plate of the Outdoor Lightbox 80 Acrylic frame is backlit by waterproof and energy-efficient LEDs pre-installed on a Dibond plate. This ensures even light distribution. The frame can also be supplied with a twilight switch. The twilight switch is easy to set.

Print on acrylic plate

The Outdoor Lightbox 80 Acrylic profile comes with a 4 mm thick unprinted opal acrylic plate. Sinage can be applied repeatedly using lightbox foil. This allows the acrylic plate to last up to 15 years. The Outdoor Lightbox 80 Acrylic frame highlights your message on the acrylic plate and complements almost everything. When determining the location of the frame, take the sliding in and out of the acrylic plate into account. The plate/film size is the frame size minus 7 mm. The viewing area of the acrylic plate is the frame size minus 40 mm.

Safe to use up to wind force 12

The Outdoor Lightbox 80 Acrylic frame is safe to use up to wind force 12. The maximum dimension of the Outdoor Lightbox 80 Acrylic frame is 6 x 1.2 metres. 

Holes for water drainage

It is a legal requirement to drill drainage holes in an illuminated frame. To do this, drill two holes of at least 7 mm on the left and right-hand sides of the lower profile. For frames beyond two metres, we recommend drilling several drainage holes.

Alternative: Outdoor Lightbox 80

The advantage of the Outdoor Lightbox 80 Acrylic compared to the Outdoor Lightbox 80 is the enormous durability of the acrylic plate. Are you looking for a cheaper alternative? Then choose for the Outdoor Lightbox 80 that illuminates the backlit PVC banner from the rear. PVC banner is relatively inexpensive, so you can quickly and easily change your message at low cost.

Item number Outdoor Lightbox 80 Acrylic
Depth (mm) 80 mm
Frame type Outdoor LED frame
Mounting Wall-mounted
Colours Silver
Open / closed finish Closed
Weight 0,958 kilos/metres
LED technology LED on Dibond
Lightcolour 6500K
Dimmable Optional with twilight switch
Stabilizers possible No
Warranty period Two years