Backlit print fabric display


Brighten up any room with a colorful custom image or artwork. Whether in a retail store, office or showroom. Create a backlit print fabric display in every size you want. Ideal for high-traffic areas like shopping centers, retail establishments, and lobbies, the backlit SEG panel allows you to provide valuable information, such as upcoming events, or expand brand awareness. Your backlit fabric light box wall display includes a reflective panel that allows added light intensity, making your graphics look even brighter and bolder. The durable SEG fabric graphic is easy to replace any time you’re ready for an update to maximize your investment.


Stand out from the crowd with the LED Fabric Display. The LED frame will bring your graphic to life in almost any indoor area. Show off your backlit custom printed graphic during events, exhibitions or in retail areas for a semi-permanent display to attract attention all day long. The frame allows a double-sided display if preferred. The extra graphic is simply attached to the frame in the same way, just on the reverse of the frame. Once the frame is assembled, the silicone edged graphic fits into the border of the frame and creates an amazing result. Choose from different frame depths to suit your area.