Single sided banner

EFKA's single-sided banner is specially designed to make advertising messages visible from a distance. A construction made of aluminum can be provided with a high-quality textile print, also called sublimation print. The full-color banners are ideal for advertisements.

Ideal solution for visibility

A textile frame is suitable for many purposes. Our indoor aluminum frames, cover fabrics are stretched tightly with a flat tendon. The single-sided banner is the ideal solution for visibility at events, festivals and sports competitions and can be used as photo wall, press wall or wall decoration. The banner is durable, splash-proof and can be ordered in any desired format.

Complete your presentation with banners

In addition to single-sided banners, EFKA also sells double-sided standing banners. Create spectacular banners in every size. Simply change the textile print and immediately change the expression. For a small banner EFKA recommends the Double 44. It is an user-friendly product and will not be ignored at shops, shop displays, showrooms, exhibition stands, offices and other public buildings.