A modern showroom design is nowadays a important part of a store presentation. As soon as potential customers enter your, they expect an inspiring and interactive environment, so they get acquainted with the product. EFKA is, thanks to years of experience, the supplier of aluminum textile frames for showroom design.

Aluminum frames are applicable in every industry

EFKA supplies aluminum textile frames in various industries. We provide the aluminum frames for showrooms of various car brands, clothing and shoes stores. Create atmosphere and sensation in a showroom through double-sided textile frames. The aluminum frame is for standing and hanging use. The aluminum frames are easy to match to the wishes of you customer. The size of the aluminum SEG frame could be determined. Our frames are for long-term use. Our sustainable aluminum frames could be provided with a textile cloth. You could change the textile print quick and easily, so a new product or sign appears.

Design your own showroom

EFKA understands what an interior could do for a company or organisation. That is why we provide tailor-made frames for designing your showroom, workplace, shop, hotel, meeting room etc. Do you have a showroom and you do not know how to create the best focus? Feel free to contact us for advice.