Promotional lightbox

How do you make advertising stand out so a potential customer would see it? Precisely with our promotional light boxes. In our collection we have a width rage of light boxes that could be used for advertising purposes. With an advertising lightbox, the attention of a potential customer will increase. A textile print with flat tendon could be placed in the lightbox. An LED frame has a greater attraction than a normal, non-illuminated, textile frame. A light box with extra lumen is available for extra attention. As a result everyone whom is passing, sees your light box, with a textile canvas.

Indoor lightbox often used in the retail

As shown here, a seg frame with LED not only strengthens the image, but also the entire showroom. If in this situation a textile frame was chosen instead of an LED frame, then it would just stand out, but the atmosphere and experience would be different. The lightbox ensures that it looks like the image comes a live. The power of an indoor lightbox could therefore not be underestimated. A lightbox gives the room more dimension, more experience and a modern look.

A light box provided with a textile

Should there still be doubts about the purchase of a light box with textile print. Please take a look at our impression page to see what the possibilities are. Because of our experience and expertise, no size is too big and no frame is too small. We are happy to help you make a choice. Do not hesitate to contact us, so that we could help you directly and provide advice and information for a textile frame with LED light.