Hanging banner

To get in touch with potential customers, it is important that they will find your exhibition booth. The attention value will increase with a hanging banner. Hanging banners (high) above an exhibition stand attract attention from a great distance. Create extra an communication area without having to rent meters.

Different forms and sizes

The hanging banners are available in different shapes (round, square) and sizes. The aluminum textile frame is provided with a textile print with a flat tendon. This tendon is connected to the aluminum profile, the fabric is stretchable. Because the hanging banner is used on both sides, it creates a beautiful overall view that could be admired from both sides. Hanging banners are attached to the roof / ceiling with a ceiling mount and suspension cable.

Applicable in every branch

Not only stand construction uses hanging banners, but they also use it in the catering and in retail. You will see them in shop windows and showrooms if you pay attentions to them after reading this part about increasing sales.