Curved hanging banner

A curved SEG frame is very suitable to use as an impressive banner at trade fairs. The curved frame could also be used as a unique room divider or presentation wall. Increase the attention value with tension fabric displays in this unique shape. The aluminum textile frame is easy to assemble and has a textile print. Create spectacular banners in every size. Simply change the textile print and immediately change the look and feeling.

Hanging banner

The curved textile frame could also be used as a hanging banner. To increase the attention value it is possible to go for a double-sided textile frame. Thanks to our advanced bending techniques it is possible to bend aluminum SEG frames in such a way that a circle, cylinder or semi-circular shape is created.

Available curved textile frames

Our curved textile frames are available as single-sided and double-sided frames in two different thicknesses. The Heavy 27 and Double 44 offer a unique solution for a variety of purposes and help to reinforce a striking advertising message. With this you could distinguish yourself from the competition. Are you not yet sure for which purposes our aluminum frames are suitable? Then view the endless creations and variations on our impression page, to generate your own unique idea.